Sealing solution meeting your specific requirement

Your systems need tight sealing and protection from environmental conditions, ensuring mission success.

Our team designs and produces sealing parts and overmouldings based on your drawings or on your specification from miniaturized rubber parts to several-meters seals and gaskets.

We adapt to your requirements from small production to serialized manufacturing, thanks to our experts in the different molding processes (injection, compression or transfer) as well as our capability to adapt our formulation and registered mixtures to your needs.

For the manufacturing of high diameter sealing parts, we have established a special process for continuous moldings of uncured ends and vulcanization procedure to manufacture your sealing parts into one unique and solid seal.

We take into account your mechanical, environmental and electrical constraints as well as fire-proof requirements, moreover our production permits the use of a wide range of elastomeric materials, such as:

SMAC Materials
CR (Neoprene®, polychloroprene)
PU (polyurethane)
FPM / FKM (Viton®, fluorocarbon)
VMQ (silicones)
Approved rubber and silicon compounds following Aeronautic Norms NFL 17-106